You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers!

 How many trucks will there be?
Food Truck Fight™ has between 15 and 20 food trucks from all over the region. Check to see if your favorite truck will be participating!

Will there be shade and seating?
We try to provide as much shaded seating as possible in the main event area, in addition to several picnic shelters and trees nearby. If you are concerned about seating availability, feel free to bring your own lawn chairs.

Will the food trucks have enough food for everyone?
We let every truck know in advance to expect a high volume of people and we also provide a cold storage truck for them to store any extra product they may need to remain open for the entire event. That said, we expect over 5,000 people to attend this year's event so showing up earlier in the day is your best bet!

What will be available for purchase in the beverage tent?
We will have a wide selection of beer available in our beer tent. There will also be soda, water and Powerade.

Food Truck Fight is a cash only event (entry & beverage tent), so is there an ATM available?
We will have an ATM on-site near the entry gate.

Do the trucks accept credit and debit?
Each truck is responsible for their own payment processing, so credit/debit acceptance will vary from truck to truck.

I'd like to try every truck, is there a way to do that?

Every food truck will have a $2 sample item on the menu, in addition to their full menu.

Are the food trucks actually fighting?
No, it’s a friendly competition and YOU get to choose the winner with your voting token.

Where should I park?
There is limited parking available on the South end of the levee and throughout the streets of Le Claire. Handicapped parking is available on near the event entrance, and there is an area for attendee drop-off at the entrance as well.

Will the lines be long?
We try to anticipate attendance and plan our volunteer team accordingly to accommodate the crowd and lines. We can’t control the food truck lines but we’ve added things to keep you entertained while you wait!

If I leave, can I come back in?
Yes! We hope you make a day of it in Le Claire! You can hang out at Food Truck Fight™, then go do some shopping or cool off at one of the establishments and come back in!